SIC Singapore

SIC Singapore

Five Star Performance means the best in class in everything that we do. New for 2016 is the Flow Series of boards created with the beginner paddler in mind. Generous volumes and increased widths mean fun that is accessible for the entire family. Great for a paddle in the harbor or a rip in the surf, these versatile rental boards will be ideal for your resort / rental fleet.

Our rental FLOW boards are built SIC tough. Our Glass Composite Innegra (GCI) and Foam Composite Innegra (FCI) boards feature Innegra™ in the layup from “tip-to-tail and rail-to-rail” Unheard of at this price point; these boards will outlast the toughest impacts and stay watertight far beyond a traditional layup. Innegra™ takes impact, but does not shatter. This prevents the EPS core of your board from being exposed and soaking up water. Our FCI foam top boards feature a layer of high quality EVA from the top deck to the bottom tuck of the rails. Built to withstand use and abuse these boards also add another layer of safety.

Lastly, our FLOW inflatables are the do anything, go anywhere boards featuring a reinforced Stringer Support Technology (SST) adding stiffness, stability and consistent rockerlines to complement our 6” Drop Stitch Construction (DSC).