12 Anti-Ageing Rules to Live By


Feeling the years go by – literally? While ageing is a fact of life and one that most of us don’t take to very well, there are a few tips that can help slow down the process. Especially when it comes to your skin, keeping wrinkles at bay and making sure that you still have that youthful glow, is a hard struggle.

Not the usual “wear an SPF, exercise or maintain a skin care routine” sort of advise (we assume you do that already!), consider this your little black book on often overlooked aspects of anti-ageing!

1. Pillow Talk

Remember to change your pillow cover as often as possible. This is where you rest your gorgeous face at the end of a long day and it needs to be germ free. Some experts even suggest sleeping on a satin or silk scarf to keep that skin glistening and smooth!

2. Don’t work out in the Sun!

Vitamin D levels are necessary but over exposure to the sun can make your skin cells degenerate at a faster pace. Take a lesson from our Japanese neighbours who have the most beautiful porcelain skin -  they avoid the sun as much as possible. Don’t forget that sun block and try and exercise during dawn or dusk when the chances of direct sunlight are lower.

3. Eat Berries

An excellent anti-oxidant, berries are anti-ageing wonders. Choose whichever berry you like the most and incorporate them in your diet. In smoothies or as granola toppings, either way this is an easy and delicious route to getting younger!

4.   Help your skin regenerate

Keeping to a regular skin care routine is a must, so we won’t mention that. However, it is equally important to help your skin regenerate. Try and pick cosmetic procedures that can take that extra aged layer of skin off. No need for dramatic and expensive routines, a simple peel or microdermabrasion cream can get your skin to look brighter too.

5. Hands Hands Hands and Feet!

You have heard this often and perhaps like us, have a range of hand creams left unused all around the house. While the focus tends to revolve around our faces, remember that our hands tend to show signs of ageing quiet early too. Keep a moisturizer handy wherever you are – at your desk, car or even your travel bag on an airplane. And do yourselves a favour by not ignoring those gorgeous feet!

6. Watch that phone!

Hours of talking on your mobile can lead to breakouts and rashes across the cheek and jawline. Always make sure you use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your phone screen so that your skin can remain sparkling through the day.

7. TLC for your brushes

Over time bacteria grows on your brushes that eventually causes your skin to break out. Once a month invest some time in cleaning those make up tools with mild shampoo and warm water and leaving them to air dry.

 8. Flip over

Did you know that sleeping in certain positions can add to those fine lines? Over the years, these lines can set into deep wrinkles. Experts suggest that lying on your back is the best anti ageing bed side move you can master. Flip over and make that change now.

9. Make your skin work to your time

A skincare routine is necessary but that doesn’t mean you have to panic when you can’t spend enough time on your face in the mornings – when you are invariably running late! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even need to wash your face in the am! Just splash some water on your face, add on your SPF powered potions and you are good to go. The evenings or nights are when you have more time on your hands and thankfully this is when your body and face regenerate. So take your minutes or hours to slowly clean, tone and moisturize – both your face and body (including your feet too!)

10 . Say no to a crash diet or be vigilant!

There’s no quicker way to get into that dress than a quick low calorie diet. While amazing for your figure in general, diets take a harsh toll on your skin; you may end up looking thin but far older for your years. Whenever you go down the route of deprived calories, speak to a nutritionist and stock up on essential vitamins such as Vitamin B3, C, E and A. Alternatively make sure you include nuts, oranges, avocados and sweet potatoes in your meals!

11. Pay attention to that gut

Our diets are increasingly taking a toll on our bodies and skin – but you already knew that! When you hear the word gut, it doesn’t mean you need to run to the doctor for a complete and rather invasive colonoscopy and cleaning. It does however help to remind yourself to choose some of the right ingredients to keep that gut healthy. Back to the basics with brightly coloured vegetables such as peppers and spinach, lots of omega rich fats such as fish and walnuts and avoiding sugars as well as refined carbohydrates like wheat and grain. A few days of this clean diet and we promise you will notice a literal difference to your skin!

12. Bones matter

Did you know that your face shrinks as you grow older? Attribute it to your bones! With age comes loss in bone mass and that’s where Calcium steps in as a supplement to support your facial structure and delay the appearance of skin hanging off your face! Invest in a good quality Calcium supplement today – not only will it keep ageing at bay, it will also help prevent Osteoporosis!

Natasha Tulsi

27 Dec 2017, 10:00 AM

Marketer by day, Natasha is passionate about all things travel and food! This mum of one has worked with leading brands across the globe and now helps businesses build strategy and content. Natasha also heads up Communications at Expatgiving and helps connect individuals with their dream non-profit role! Reach her at email