Get Gorgeous: These are the Best Eyebrows for your Face Shape

Round, square or long; the perfect eyebrow shape can do wonders for your face

Need a quick anti-ageing fix? Get those eyebrows styled to flatter your face type. The right arch of your brows along with the distance between the two, can take years off! We spoke to  Lawrence Tan, Training Manager at Benefit Cosmetics Singapore on what works for different face shapes. Follow these expert tips and get your brows to work wonders!


A Heart Shaped Face

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You’ve got great cheek bones to complement that gorgeous face! Soft rounded brows are typically well suited to heart shaped faces and help soften a strong pointed chin.


A Round Shaped Face


If you’ve been getting your fill of The Santa Clarita Diet, you know how stunning that round face can look! Channel your inner Drew Barrymore with soft arched brows that give more definition and length to your profile.


A Square Shaped Face

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As you take the world by storm with your strong features, work towards a gentle curved brow style to balance off the strong jawline as well as give a bit of length to the face.


The Oval Face

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Often a shape to lust after in Asia, almost any brow style is suitable to this face. Soft arched, gently arched, straight or curved – go with whatever suits your fancy!


For those with Smaller Eyes

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If you have small eyes, work with thin (not pencil-thin!) yet natural eyebrows. Thick brows will work against your features and take away from that beautiful face.


For those with Big Eyes

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Blessed with gorgeously big eyes? Opt for thick or natural brow styles that enhance those peepers rather than thin brows that can make one look older.

Brow Experts and DIY

If you are new to shaping your brows, head to a professional brow expert pronto - this way you know you are in good hands!

The Benefit Cosmetics Signature Brow Waxing Service  includes a brow tweeze along with touching you up with a lip and brow wax. An easy way to look polished, pretty and put-together. Don’t have the time? Fret not, there’s a variety of tools out there that can get those brows looking great. Benefit’s gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel and high brow eyebrow highlighter can help get you that extra oomph without much hassle.

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