Super Cars

Super Cars in Singapore


Most car enthusiasts would have heard about WrapStyle, which is a renowned international brand that provides quality car styling services worldwide. The company laid its foundation in 2010, when it started in Czech Republic with just six employees.

With its attention to detail and quality workmanship, the firm soon caught the attention of many car owners, and spread its wings within and out of the country into the rest of Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.

Vanilla Luxury’s editorial team caught up with owner Edison Lim to find out more about his work on super cars.

Super Cars

Vanilla Luxury: What got you into wrapping supercars?  
Edison: WrapStyle started with wrapping commercial vehicles 7 years ago before moving into wrapping luxury cars in January 2014. Solid and matte colours were popular back then but it got a little stale and we started coming up with concepts such as light camouflage, abstract designs like Rust and more artistic concepts from our headquarters in Europe. My super car club then came up with the idea of having Marvel super heroes vehicles. We collectively conceptualized the graphic designs and gave our team in Europe instructions on how to adapt them from movies before putting it on the car.

Vanilla Luxury: What makes you different versus others who provide similar services?
Edison: WrapStyle is always a step ahead of its competitors in terms of automotive styling. To meet the ever-changing requirements of customers, WrapStyle Singapore is the first to come up with extremely bold full graphics for various supercars such as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man and many more.

Vanilla Luxury: Cars in Singapore aren’t necessarily the cheapest. What is it that makes car owners want to make changes to their cars?
Edison: Automotive customisation is an art form. To a person, especially an automotive enthusiast, keeping a car the way it left the factory is probably the same as wearing a mass-produced garment. It just wouldn’t have that touch of uniqueness - to make it stand out from the crowd, to make it your own.

Vanilla Luxury: What sets Wrap Style apart, given that so many super car owners choose to come to you only
Edison: What really sets the company apart is its competency level. Equipped with state-of-the-art computer-aided tools and a team of professional specialists who are well-versed in film wrapping techniques, WrapStyle prides itself in providing exceptional craftsmanship.

Vanilla Luxury:  How many supercars have you wrapped over the last 2 years?
Edison: We started with wrapping 2 super cars to 12 now and counting.

Vanilla Luxury: Tell us more about the process of wrapping a super car?
Edison: The design part, which are the stages from conceptualization to realisation, takes 7 to 10 days.  We then prepare the printing file and it takes 3 days for it to be made high resolution. Lastly, the physical process of wrapping the car takes 3 days. In total, it takes 2 to 3 weeks per car.

Vanilla Luxury: How much does a wrap like this cost?
Edison: It would be between the price range of $2,500 to $3,500 as it depends on the material chosen.

Vanilla Luxury: What are the latest wrap trends in Singapore?
Edison: Matte and special metallic colours are most sought after in Singapore as Chrome wraps are illegal here due to their being highly reflective, which the authorities consider a road hazard.

Super Cars

Vanilla Luxury: We heard that your branch in Dubai wrapped cars for Fast & Furious?
Edison: Yes, that was a straightforward gloss-to-gloss colour change as the movie producers wanted to differentiate all 5 cars. We even have the Batmobile, which has been parked in Dubai for the last 2 months.

Vanilla Luxury: Tell us the story about your latest work?
Edison Lim: The owner, Vincent Sam, wanted to change the current design of his Nissan GTR, which was purple as he was bored of it, but he still wanted to keep the colour purple. Also, another driver had his Nissan GTR wrapped in the same purple, although it was in a different texture; hence Vincent wanted his own unique identity and I suggested a customised design of “The Hulk” with his existing purple combined together, which would be exclusive to him.

Vanilla Luxury reached out to Vincent Sam, the owner of “The Hulk” to get his feedback on Wrapstyle.

Vincent Sam: I repeatedly choose to go to WrapStyle as Edison and his team understand the value of customer service and are always providing me with prompt support to my requests and requirements.

Vanilla Luxury: What’s yours?
Edison Lim: My Maserati is Abstract Rust but I may be changing it soon as I tend to have a new design every 3 months.


WrapStyle Singapore is located at 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4, #05-01/02, Premier @ Kaki Bukit, Singapore 415875.

For more information on its latest products and services, please visit its website at or Facebook page at