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Top Tips to Lose that Belly Flab

Exercise Physiologist approved training, diet and lifestyle tips on how to get a flat belly

A universal trouble zone, removing fat from that flabby belly is often the biggest ask from fitness trainers. Unfortunately, achieving a toned flat stomach isn’t just about doing ab exercises. While they are a great quick workout, these exercises alone won’t spot reduce your tummy fat. It is your body fat percentage that needs to go down in order to uncover your abs.

The hard truth is that there are no shortcuts when it comes to getting that flat stomach. However, with patience and dedication you can unveil your hidden abs - here are a few tips to help you achieve that goal!

Your Training

Add HIIT into your routine: adding High-Intensity Interval Training to your training will get you great results for your abs. HIIT can be a circuit of 6 to 8 exercises with minimal rest between sets. This helps to increases your after burn.

Strength train: build on lean muscle, focus on lifting weights with compound movements. This boosts your metabolism

Track your Cardio: Do cardiovascular activities for about 45 mins 3 times in a week. Whether you enjoy running, biking or swimming, whatever that gets your heart rate up. This helps to burn more fat.

Your Diet

Eat more lean protein: This enhances your metabolism and also keeps you fuller for longer. Try to incorporate natural proteins in your diet before you jump straight to whey proteins. I would recommend a protein supplement if you are struggling with your protein intake from your diet.

Avoid refined sugar: Minimize the amount of sugar in your diet. Read the nutritional labelling of your food. Completely avoid sugar drinks .This is not just your aerated drinks, it includes your sugary sports drinks too.

Go easy on Salt: The salt in your diet can be the main culprit for your tummy bloat. Choose low sodium options or use natural sea salt.

Track your Diet: you don’t have to do this all the time. Try to maintain a food journal for a few weeks to know your calorie intake. This also helps with what kind of food bloats your tummy. Take advantage of the various free apps which allow you to do this.

Your Lifestyle

Get more sleep: Lack of sleep slows down your metabolism hence it’s so important to hit your snooze. Track your sleep patterns through a fitness device and start making a conscientious effort towards getting more zzz.

Chew your food: Eating too fast leads to bloating and poor digestion .Slow down your eating habits and chew your food until it’s liquid. This also helps you to not overeat.

Reduce Anxiety: Stress can produce cortisol hormone which promotes your body to store more fat especially around your waist. So find ways to de stress yourself and laugh it off.

The Final Word

Stick to your diet and exercise program and your belly will go from fat to fit before you know it!

Noopura Yeliur

18 May 2017, 10:00 AM

Noopura is a Physiotherapist and a wellness influencer.  She has always been passionate about health and fitness.  If you are looking for training tips and training ideas connect with her @trainwithnoop on instagram.