Chinese New Year Reunion Dinners 2018

Where to feast on Prosperity Yu Sheng and other Chinese New Year Fortune goodies


The Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations traditionally stretch over 15 days and preparations begin up to one month before the lunar new year. The Annual Reunion Dinner is one of the most important dinners for the Chinese when family members reaffirm the love and respect that bind them together as a unit. It is known as tuan yuan.

Welcome the beginning of an auspicious Lunar New Year and Lo Hei away with these 8 exceptional culinary indulgences for the ultimate celebration with cherished loved ones.

1. Jade, Fullerton Hotel

This year’s highlights by Chinese Executive Chef of Jade, Leong Chee Yeng, include Prosperity Pineapple Tarts shaped like bulldog terriers, Poached Yellow Capsicum, Mushroom and Pork Dumplings, and a brimming Eight Treasures Pen Cai with 18 premium ingredients.

A celebration must-have, the Eight Happiness Gold Rush Yu Sheng is prepared with a lavish twist, featuring house-made Champagne Jelly with edible gold leaves to represent the ushering of wealth. Honey Pineapple or “ong lai” – literally translated as “prosperity has arrived” – is incorporated into the dressing, adding a sweet-sour balance to complement the freshly sliced Salmon.

2. Yan Ting, St. Regis Singapore

Yan Ting, the Cantonese dining establishment of The St. Regis Singapore has specially crafted eight decadent dine-in set menus, as well as an exclusive ala carte menu of time-honoured classics. Officiate the occasion with the signature Prosperity 'Yu Sheng' with Norwegian Salmon, accompanied by jellyfish, marinated papaya, pomelo, honeydew and snow pear, along with jellyfish, fried egg noodles and crispy salmon skin.

The menu also features delicacies such as Braised Superior Bird's Nest in Golden Sauce, Double-boiled Abalone Consomme with Maca Root Served in Teapot, and Wok-fried Glutinous Rice with Wind-dried Sausages.

3. Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel

The Prosperity Salmon and Abalone ‘Yu Sheng’ is a beautiful arrangement of raw salmon slices and abalones crowned with red tobiko. This glorious dish is complemented with an elegant Chinese painting personally illustrated by Chef Chan. This work of art is completed with edible viola petals and wasabi tobiko for a 3D touch. Topped with a medley of crisp vegetables and homemade dressing, toss to a prosperous New Year.

Min Jiang also offers a Fruits of Fortune ‘Yu Sheng’. Taking centre stage in this ‘Yu Sheng’ is a carefully-curated ‘flower’ with ‘petals’ that are made with julienned peaches, plums, kiwi and golden kiwi. Encircling this beauty are nuggets of ingot-shaped osmanthus jelly studded with blueberries, as well as edible viola petals.

4. Wakanui Grill Dining

This Lunar New Year, WAKANUI Grill Dining - developed in Tokyo by ANZCO Foods, relishes in the festive spirit by combining New Year traditions of both Chinese and Japanese culture. An epitome of indulgence, the Glorious Prosperity Yu Sheng features an addition of Hokkaido Snow Crab begetting success and high status.

The Abundant Treasures Yu Sheng for 4 diners or more features ingredients from Japanese Osechi. Osechi is usually eaten as a traditional Japanese New Year food as a symbol of good health and happiness for the coming year. The Ikura in the Osechi embodies abundant harvest and fertility, while the cooked prawns symbolise ‘renewing life’; the Hotate (scallop) and Salmon signify prosperity and good fortune for many years to come. Round it all up with plum sauce that denotes ‘a sweet life’.

5. Mitzo, Grand Park Orchard

Celebrate abundance this coming Lunar New Year with Mitzo Restaurant and Bar’s modern take on traditional Lunar New Year delights. The menu features a series of exclusively curated offerings paired with specially created artisanal cocktails to toast to the festivities.

Experience Lunar New Year with perennial favourites, such as Mitzo’s signature Kanpachi King Fish Yu Sheng, and for diners opting for a lighter version of Yu Sheng, they can opt for Mitzo’s Fruits Yu Sheng, which is suitable for vegetarians. Indulge in the lavish Peng Cai – in three delectable variations – Superior “Peng Cai”, Braised Duck “Peng Cai”, and Lobster “Peng Cai”.

6. Yan, National Gallery

Ring in a prosperous year of Dog with a lavish selection of festive delights at Yàn in the National Gallery of Singapore. Indulge in decadent set menus starring exquisite new creations alongside timeless Cantonese classics. Commencing all reunion feastings on a high note, toss to greater heights and success in the new year with a Cantonese-style Lo Hei.

Choose from the quintessential Salmon Prosperity Lo Hei or opt for a grand affair with Yan’s signature ‘Shun De Style’ Salmon and Yellowtail with Lobster Fillet Lo Hei topped with golden flakes; featuring a tall base of crispy fried vermicelli shaped like a mountain, topped with gold leaves, paired with slices of ginger, spring onion, capsicum, finely grounded peanuts, and finished with slices of fresh salmon and lobster fillet.

7. Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House @ Tanjong Pagar

Located in the heart of the city and CBD, the Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House is offering 3 different set menus for Happiness, Fortune and Longevity. Each set comes with their Signature Tea-Smoked Norwegian Salmon Yu Sheng. The highlight of the Fortune Set Menu is the smoky and sweet Kurobuta Pork Belly. Enjoy the Roasted Spanish Iberico Suckling Pig served with Citrus Spicy Dressing as part of the Longevity Set Menu.

8. Apollo Marine Seafood Steamboat

Source: Apollo Marine

Apollo Marine Seafood is having a Triple Happiness Seafood Abundance Steamboat Giveaway worth $195! The seafood steamboat set includes Live White Prawns, Live Lala, Fresh Hybrid Grouper Fish, Fresh Red Grouper Fish, Live Mud Crabs, Frozen Sea Cucumbers, Frozen Canada Scallops, Imitation Abalone, Imitation Snow Crab Legs, Surimi Steamboat Selection (Lobster Ball, Seafood Tofu, Fish Ball etc.), and Sotong Balls.

Aditi Kashyap

08 Feb 2018, 10:00 AM

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